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Type CV – Green Silicon Carbide

KGS Semi Flexible Green Silicon Carbide discs for hard stones work with angle grinders. Applications include aggressive grinding, leveling and cleaning of surface imperfections in all types of granite, hard natural stone or hard concrete. Semi-flexible abrasive grinding discs are specially produced for a faster stock removal on hard materials. The yellow semi-flexible fiber reduces vibrations that normally occur with the use of grinding wheels, it facilitates the operator’s labor while making it more precise. Spiral pattern with cooling ridges to improve productivity and avoid loading. Semi flexible discs must be used with the appropriate backing pad.

Green Silicon Carbide disc

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  • Very fast cutting and cleaning – Non Loading
  • Low noise, very flexible, light pressure
  • Fast stock removal at large grinding angle
  • Smooth finish at small grinding angle
  • Longer life – Made with multiple layers of abrasive with superior bonding material
  • No clogging
  • Traditional Red Fiber (DRY use, flexible)
  • Shapes and holes provide “cooler grinding”
  • Available in most coarse grit sizes
  • Flexible or rigid depending on the body
  • Different body material available
    • Traditional Red Fiber (DRY use, flexible in combination with back-up pad)
    • Fiberglass (WET or Dry use, rigid)


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Product specifications

Abrasive type
Type of abrasive
“CV” Green Silicon Carbide
Available Grits
60, 100, 150,
Application suitable for
Special grain type for use of semi flexible disc on granite and very hard stones
Backer type
"YF" Yellow Fiber for dry use of semi flexible disc. Very flexible. Back-up pad required.
Shape type

"B" Domed without holes
Surface pattern
“ES” Smooth cutting

Only available in Ø 178 mm / 7" in yellow fiber curved (Type B - Domed), without holes.

How to order?
DiameterAbrasiveGrit sizeBodyAbrasive Shapes
Example Ø 115 C 16 RF / FL ES
Example Ø 178 C 60 RF/B+ MO