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Why KGS?

For many years KGS has supplied premium semi flexible abrasive grinding discs into the hardware, DIY and industrial markets. The semi flexible disc is used for  applications such as metal working, stone fabrication and rough grinding of concrete also sold under the well-known CECROPS® brand. The KGS semi flexible abrasive grinding discs are regarded as the industry standard, leading the way in quality, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Semi flexible discs grind fast, adjust itself to the surface, and offer a comfortable grinding behavior.

Typical applications include rough grinding of marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, ceramic, fibre glass, iron, stainless steel, weld joints, coating, glue, mastic, rust removal, deburring of most metals and removal of barnacles.

KGS Semi Flexible Disc

KGS Diamond manufacture 3 different types of the Semi Flexible Disc; Aluminum Oxide (type A), Green Silicon Carbide (type CV) and Black Silicon Carbide (Type C). On the next pages you can find all the information for these types.

KGS semi flexible abrasive grinding discs are manufactured with a red fiber support or a fibre glass backing, coated with multiple layers of abrasives with a superior bonding material. The semi flexible disc with red fiber is very flexible and designed for dry grinding operations in combination with a back-up pad. The semi flexible discs with fibre glass backing is more rigid, – no back-up pad – required and can be used for wet or dry grinding.

For heavy duty grinding on granite, KGS has developed a new version, type MO (also called the KGS Granite Disc).

Semi flexible disc is a versatile tool for light deburring to aggressive grinding operations, always offering a long life.

Proud Manufacturers of SWISS DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY®. Innovators since 1952. For all other KGS products, please visit our main website at If you want to get in contact with us; please fill in the form at the right side of the page.


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      Product range

      Type A – Aluminum Oxide

      KGS Semi Flexible Aluminum Oxide disc for metal work with angle grinders. Applications include ...

      More Type A – Aluminum Oxide

      Type CV – Green Silicon Carbide

      KGS Semi Flexible Green Silicon Carbide discs for hard stones work with angle grinders. Applications ...

      More Type CV – Green Silicon Carbide

      Type C – Black Silicon Carbide

      KGS Semi Flexible Black Silicon Carbide discs for soft stones and plastic materials use ...

      More Type C – Black Silicon Carbide

      About KGS


      KGS DIAMOND GROUP specializes in the production of flexible diamond abrasives and electrolytically metallized fabrics. Founded in Switzerland in 1952, KGS has more than 20 sales and distribution offices in Europe, North America, Middle East, China and Australia as well as six manufacturing sites located in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and India. The International Sales Office of KGS is based in Elburg, Netherlands. Through our business units Stone, Precision, Floor and Fabrics, we approach - directly or through industrial & specialized distribution - a variety of industries and markets worldwide. Customers of both business units can be found in the stone, glass, porcelain, technical ceramics and metalworking industry. We work with direct accounts, - larger end users – and via distribution channels, such as stone specialists, building construction distributors, MRO distributors, abrasive specialists, and hardware shops.

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